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Serving within the church and the community is one of the ways you can express love and thanks to God. Let's respond to Christ’s call to serve those who are in need. When we serve, we demonstrate the love of Christ and in the process, become more like Christ.

"We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us... " (Romans 12:6a)

Sunday School

Have a heart for the young generation? Be a part of the Sunday School team through Praise and Worship or facilitate Sunday school classes.

Worship Team

Back-up singer, musicians, Audio Visual Team

Ushers and Welcoming Team

First impression matters! Help newcomers to feel at home and connect them with other church members.

Missions & Evangelism


Prayer Ministry


Special Events


Community Outreach

Make a difference in the lives of people in our immediate neighbourhood and the general KL area and bring God's love to the needy. Ongoing programmes:

  • Ping Pong (Tues and Thurs)

  • CTC

Other Ministries

Have a skill/talent that you would like to contribute to church? Do let us know!

Other ministries include:

  • Library

  • Social Media

Sign me up to serve!

If you want to serve in a specific ministry, please fill out this form.


You may also contact the ministry leaders or the Pastors for more information!

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